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What We Do

We are the only UK-wide charity for all those affected by a genetic bleeding disorder; a community of individuals and families, healthcare professionals and supporters.  

For over 70 years we have campaigned for better treatment, been a source of information and support, and raised the awareness of bleeding disorders. 

We want to ensure that everyone affected by a bleeding disorder: 

  • Has equality of opportunity 
  • Has the opportunity to connect with others in the community     
  • Has the knowledge to feel empowered 

We do this by: 

More than 36,000 men, women and children in the UK have a diagnosed bleeding disorder, and the number rises every year. Membership of The Haemophilia Society is free and open to all. 

Our peer support through local groups around the UK, global family network, and online community, offers friendship and a listening ear when needed, as well as enabling people to share their views and experiences. By bringing people together for information and support at events tailored to all life stages, we amplify their voices to reduce isolation and influence government, welfare and health care policy.  

Our community are at the heart of everything we do – we work collaboratively with members and health professionals to ensure we make decisions influenced by their valued input and direction. 

As bleeding disorders are rare, many people will never encounter The Haemophilia Society; we are largely invisible beyond the communities we serve. So, we have to work doubly hard to raise both awareness and understanding of bleeding disorders and vital funds needed to give those affected the services they deserve and need to live the best life they can.  

To find out more, or to become a member for free, visit our here or call us on 020 7939 0780.