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Local Groups

Local Groups are volunteer run community groups who are the face of The Haemophilia Society for its members in their local area. Groups provide informal support and an opportunity to meet others affected by bleeding disorders within their local area. We encourage all our members to try to be part of their local groups.

Local Groups work in different ways supporting local need some cover huge area’s other smaller ones, but they all promote the activities and campaigns of The Society at a community level and will often run fun events for families to get together informally and organise fundraising events. Some groups may also hold meetings with expert speakers or support their members to attend the services run by The Society. Most groups also have a Facebook page, to find these, do visit our main Facebook page here and we can put you in touch)

Group nameArea coveredContact
Bournemouth groupThe south coast of England particularly
Bristol groupBristol, Gloucester and
surrounding area,
The West of Scotland,
Grampian GroupAberdeen and surrounding areas (including the Islands)
Lincolnshire GroupLincolnshire and most of the East Midlands/
London GroupLondon and surrounding counties in the South East of
Tayside Group Dundee and surrounding