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Leave a legacy

Help us to always be there for everyone affected by a genetic bleeding disorder, through a gift in your will

By creating a lasting legacy in your Will you can help us to continue our work to ensure that everyone affected by a genetic bleeding disorder lives the best life they can.

At The Haemophilia Society, the donations we receive from gifts in Wills get to work straight away by supporting us to:

• Raise awareness about genetic bleeding disorders

• Provide support at all life stages

• Influence and advocate on policy and access to treatment

At a recent event we held for some of our older community we met a member who was worried about who would help him, as he got older as he wouldn’t be able to look after himself. He had been affected by the contaminated blood products scandal that had resulted in him contracting HIV and Hepatitis, and was anxious about how he would cope in a residential home, treating himself with his factor with limited mobility due to joint damage.

“I was feeling very anxious and confused about how I would cope in a new situation as my mobility gets worse. It helped to talk to staff from The Haemophilia Society and others in a similar situation. Without generous donations, I would not have had that opportunity to meet others who understand. I would urge anyone in a position to help, to please consider leaving a gift in your Will so that this valuable support can continue for future generations.”

Mr A

Your generous donations will help us to continue supporting our members and the wider community; providing a support network when they need it most, increasing confidence and reducing isolation by holding workshops and events tailored to our community.

In the case of Mr A, we are using the donations received to create information and resources for care homes so that they have a better understanding of the needs of residents affected by a genetic bleeding disorder and also growing our advocacy work to further support our community.

From a gift of as little as £50 to a lasting tribute of over £20,000, your legacy will mean a great deal.

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