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Access to care

Access to care

We advocate for government health policies that ensure public health that provides access to comprehensive care for your bleeding disorder. We work alongside the European Haemophilia Consortium which has been a key partner in the certification of European treatment centres as either ‘European Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centres’ (EHCCC) or ‘European Haemophilia Treatment Centres’ (EHTC).

We endorse the 10 European Principles of Haemophilia Care which are as follows:

1. A Central Haemophilia organisation with supporting local groups
2. National Haemophilia Patient Registries
3. Comprehensive Care Centres and Haemophilia Treatment Centres
4. Partnership in the Delivery of Haemophilia Care
5. Safe and Effective Concentrates at Optimum Treatment Levels
6. Home Treatment and Delivery
7. Prophylaxis (Preventative) Treatment
8. Specialist Services and Emergency Care
9. Management of Inhibitors
10. Education and Research


It is also vital to work alongside local heath providers to ensure that the rights of people with haemophilia are on par with those with infectious disease. No-one should be disadvantaged.