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We need you! #TalkingRed – Another Bleeding Survey

There are more than 15,000 women and girls with a diagnosed bleeding disorder in the UK, but we believe that many thousands more are suffering in silence, unaware of their condition. Some of the common symptoms of a bleeding disorder in women include: · heavy periods· bruising easily· prolonged bleeding

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We need your help to find out what matters most

No one understands bleeding disorders better than those who experience it or care for those that do every day. The Stop the Bleeding survey that took place in 2017, was developed to better understand what matters to parents, carers and clinicians in the field of bleeding disorders. Using your responses,

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Research into the lives of Haemophilia Siblings

Calling all brothers and sisters of people with severe haemophilia A! One of our members recently contacted us about a very interesting study exploring the lives of healthy siblings of adults living with severe haemophilia A. We thought you might be interested in taking part. This is what Cathy the

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