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Welcoming the Announcement on Contaminated Blood Scandal Public Inquiry

The Haemophilia Society has welcomed the announcement of the terms of reference of the Statutory Public Inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal during the 70s and 80s.

Chief Executive Liz Carroll said: “The Community has campaigned long and hard for this Public Inquiry to be held.  With this announcement of the Terms of Reference, the way is now clear for the Inquiry to begin and justice to finally be served.

“So many people have had their lives shattered by this tragedy, through severe illness or by losing relatives and loved ones, and I know there are many amongst them who do not feel they can be heard as they are not natural ‘campaigners’.  Our role at The Haemophilia Society is to help the ‘quiet voices’ of those affected by bleeding disorders.”

Following the launch, earlier this year, of a consultation into the terms of reference The Society held a series of meetings around the country to glean the views of members and others.  They also held conversations via phone, email and social media.  From this information The Society submitted a seven page document outlining their views as to what the terms of reference should cover.

Liz Carroll continued: “The final terms of reference appear to cover all the essential elements and areas of investigation that our members wanted to see.  As the Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff, said they do set out a ‘road map’ for the inquiry to proceed along.  This Inquiry has been a long time coming and The Society is committed to seeking the truth and will not rest until justice is achieved for all.”

The Chair of the Inquiry Sir Brian Langstaff today wrote to the Government and the affected community setting out his approach to the inquiry. As well as the Terms of Reference he also published a document on how evidence will be treated and a form for people who wish to give evidence.