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The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry

The Terms of Reference of a Statutory Public Inquiry define the scope of the Inquiry’s investigations. The Chair will be consulting on the Terms of Reference in the next couple months. This is the first important step in the setup of the inquiry and it is vital that the whole affected community has input.

Effective Terms of Reference are key to a successful inquiry and the whole community must be confident the Inquiry will examine fully all issues that are important.

We have collated a “list of subjects” drawing on the Archer, Lindsay and Penrose Inquiries, the Scottish Joint Position Statement and from information gathered so far from our members. This is very much a working document and we would like your opinions, additions, edits and comments.

We will use all comments to help shape this document and to help the Inquiry understand what the community wants. Please feel free to share widely so this can reach as many people as possible who have an interest.

Please send any comments to

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