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Evidence in the Statutory Inquiry into Contaminated Blood Products

The Haemophilia Society is committed to achieving justice for its members through the long awaited Statutory Inquiry process.

The Society welcomes that its actions will be investigated as part of the Inquiry process.  It is essential that all parties related to the contaminated blood scandal are subject to the full scrutiny that the Inquiry can provide. The Society takes its role in the Inquiry very seriously and the responsibility in representing members’ interests.

Certain comments have been made on social media, of which the Society is aware and rejects, regarding circumstances where the Society will move to protect its own legal position in relation to the Inquiry. To ensure the long awaited Statutory Inquiry is not further delayed, the Society is seeking to preserve and digitise relevant documentation in advance and has requested members’ assistance

Our priority is to ensure the truth is sought and found through the Statutory Inquiry. Gathering and preserving as much potential evidence and reference documentation is essential in assisting the Inquiry in its work to achieve justice after so many years.

Suggestions have been made that privilege will be lost in the context of documentation delivered to the Society. The Society fails to understand how it could be contended that privilege would be waived or lost in relation to such documentation that must inevitably enter the public domain for the purposes of both an Inquiry and litigation process.

The Society intends to inform its members as to how it will approach this Inquiry process to ensure that the most effective representation is available for its members during the course of the Inquiry. It is right that individuals are offered the choice on who represents them and those decisions should be respected by all involved in the Inquiry. The Society will continue to work for its members and does not intend, under any circumstances, to be swayed from its objective of achieving justice.

We have previously answered questions from members about the inquiry here.