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Update on contaminated blood campaigning and influencing work

The last few weeks have been very busy. We have been

  • Liaising with MPs to ensure parliamentary questions are asked to answer some of our questions about the consultation and highlight the areas of concern.
  • Meeting with a lawyer for advice on what legal challenges The Society could consider taking
  • Answering members questions on how the proposal could impact them if it were to be implemented
  • Working with a communications agency to prepare a media campaign to highlight the issues and concerns
  • Liaising with Haemophilia Scotland and Haemophilia Wales to ensure we are kept informed of any communication and can support each other in our work.
  • Meeting Lord Hunt who has a specific interest in Hepatitis C treatment access to highlight the lack of access  for our community who have stage 1 and concern that the DH are admitting (due to the consultation proposal) that NHS England will not treat everybody according to the NICE mandate in a reasonable timescale.
  • Preparing a briefing for the opposition party to ensure they fully understand the impact of this proposal on the community and serious concerns we have.
  • To the memorial event in Scotland
  • Investigating the possibility of seeking treatment in other areas of Europe for our community via the European Health Directive.
  • Considering the impact of the announcement in Scotland for people in the rest of the UK.
  • We also had a very short notice invitation to meet with Department of Health officials as the secretariat for the APPG following numerous requests for a meeting.